I.T. Information

Your details

Your student number and Password will give you access to most of the College’s I.T. systems. You will have received an email/letter with your details, appearing in the following format:

Your student number is: «studentid»

Your Universal Password is: «password»

Note that initial passwords usually consist of 1 uppercase letter, followed by 3 lowercase letters followed by 3 numerical digits, followed by a symbol.

1. Email

You have been allocated a student email address. It is your responsibility to check this address regularly, or forward messages from this account to another email account that you check regularly.

Your student email address will be used for all official emails from the college. It is also imperative that you login to it before you can access the Teams site (see 4.)

To access your new email account, using any web browser, go to:


Login will be your student number email address (see below)

Password will be your Universal Password.

You have two external email addresses (aliases) – they are:


(This is your username for Webmail, Teams and all Microsoft related services.)


(This email address people can use to send you emails)

Please note that even though you have two email addresses, there is only one account – mail sent to either address will go to this one account. Login is always using the address with your student number.

2. MOD

To access the MOD, go to:


Single Sign-On. Login will be your Universal Login. Password will be your Universal Password.

The MOD site contains general College information and resources. Once you are enrolled in your current year units, you will gain access to specific unit information.

3. Teams

Teams will be used to communicate with your tutors and classmates. You will have access to the Concierge Group along with your enrolled unit’s discussion group.

To access the Teams site, go to:


Login will be your Universal Login. Password will be your Universal Password.

5. Changing your password

To change your universal password, go to:


New passwords must contain at least 8 characters, consisting of at least 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 numerical digit and 1 symbol. Some systems will respond to the new password immediately, whereas others (such as email) are synchronized hourly.

6. Library systems

You also use your student number and Password to access your loans and reservations on the library catalogue:


7. Microsoft Office

Your College email address entitles you to use the full Microsoft Office suite.

Login to webmail, click Settings, select Office 365 Settings and then select Install status from the Sidebar. Click the Install Desktop Applications link to download and install.

You can also access it here: https://portal.office.com/OLS/MySoftware.aspx